This is a great list of blogs, wikis and podcasts, and a link to some of the amazing people in my PLN who shared them with us.

Sue Waters:
At this point in time I believe that Jan Smith's students are the best examples of blogging however they are Grade 6.
This is her class blog -

Here is what I wrote about some of her students on my winners post:
The Gamer’s Spot
Everything about Daniel’s blog is worth looking at closely from his earliest posts, to his passion for reviewing games, to his How Blogging Has Connected Me To A Global Audience post through to the quality of writing in his latest posts. In Daniel’s winning post he highlights the creative aspects of using photos of “globes” on Flickr to create a video which is then used as the basis of a blog post.
Now that you’ve looked at Daniel’s blog — guess how old he is? (11 or 12 years old!)
Nichloas’ Soccer Blog
Nicholas’s own words explain his difference post considerably better than I ever could:
As well as meeting new people blogging has also changed my attitude towards learning. What I mean is last year if I was given an assignment to write on paper and hand in to my teacher, my thoughts would be… oh, what a drag. But if I am given a blogging assignment to show everyone who visits my blog, my thoughts would be great, now I can share my learning with others.
If you look through entries on my post http://theedublogger.edublogs. org/2009/03/27/the-student- blogging-challenge- celebration/ you can check out others of her students blogs against other students. All her students have the letter h in their blog URL.

In terms of podcasts Paul Bogush is running a podcast/radio channel. He is also an amazingly inspiring teacher. Their podcasts are located here - http://lunchtimeleaders. They are either Grade 6 or 7.

See Sue's posts on Podcasting: Part 1 and Part 2
and look at the comments too, like the one from Jane Smith re: http://portableradio.edublogs. org/

Wikis - I would use the Flat classroom wikis as examples of what can be done.
*Here is the link to 2008 Flat Classroom project, check out the links on that page to previous years too!

Heidi Hass Gable (her Learning Conversations blog)
Class projects:
wiki = 8th gd wiki = http://collaborationnation.
podcast = http://lunchtimeleaders.
Welcome to the greatest middle school podcast in the world! We interview
leaders from around the world on their opinions about what students should
do to be prepared for the future.
video = user/moranmustangs
Voicethread = b477350.i0.k0
Blog = (Jan's student blog again!)
Individual student projects:
6th graders storytelling = http://mercilesscaverns. and
Outside of school projects for youth to participate in:
International student writers
http://space.yesican-science. ca/
Canadians in space project
The Glocal Project is a collaborative, multifaceted artist-led project
that examines the changing role of digital image making today.

Kim Cofino

All about 1001 Flat Tale World Tales Wiki project:
See her Podcasting Power blog post!

Alice Barr (Alice really helped me find many more by connection be to some of the people below!)
Here are a few from our middle school to start with:
Podcasts: HMS/Newscasts0809/Corey/ newscasts0809/Roaring20s.html
Blog Post about immigration: 2007/11/09/immigration/
The Cold War wiki: http://coldwar-hms2009.

Kern Kelly:
Here's a couple Google Sites that my 8th graders have made:
4-H Club: sv4hclub/
A Sports Podcast: svmssportssite/sport-po
and a Jr. Firefighter's website jrfireghters/

Amy Cobb
If you go to Voicethread, click on their new feature, Voicethread Library, at the tab at the top. I have three good examples listed under English/Language Arts for you to explore.

My class blog is: http://writeoutloud.edublogs. org and it is extremely successful. Since we just started summer break, I still will post interesting videos and images for my world-wide readers. I also had great conversations going on at my parent blog, but that was
contained on the password protected site of the school community. Since I had a few educators who wanted to see what I was doing with my parent blog, and I was unable to show them, I have just created a new parent blog in Edublogs, and here is that link:
http://englishinthemiddle. I've actually put a post up that my parents won't see till August.

Mike Arsenault
Our 8th grade team is currently building a wiki for their Civil Rights unit. The student work can be seen at:
They also do some great stuff with their unit on the 1920's and 1940's: HMS/Newscasts0809/Corey/ newscasts0809/Roaring20s.html
and HMS/Newscasts0809/Rice/2008- 2009/2008-2009.html
You can see much more at Megan Rice and Rod Corey's teacher pages:
Megan Rice Pages/teacher/YSD_HMSmeri/ index
Rod Corey Pages/teacher/YSD_HMSroco/ index
GoogleEarth Project
Here's a link to a project our French students complete creating placemarks in GE at different locations in Paris.
Work with Skype
Costa Rica ambassador, Peter Cianchette, taught our 7th grade students about Costa Rica during National Geography week. hmsyarmouth/sets/ 72157609301409595/

Cheryl Steele Oakes seedlingspodcasts
(Check out Cheryl, Alice Barr and Bob's 'Seedlings' podcasts) (The will answer all your questions about ning or getting started with things online here!

Add your own links to things you find below!

PhoneCasting - Great Free Podcasting
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